10/16/2013 07:12 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

See the New Pokémon X and Y Starters Photographed as Sexy Human Poolboys! (PHOTOS)

In case you haven't noticed everyone around you who's been swept up in Pokémon hysteria, this past weekend marked the debut of Nintendo's latest entry in the franchise.

As always, gamers have paid a lot of attention to the starters, the three new creatures with whom you can start the game. In Pokémon X and Y, you can choose a Fennekin (fire-type), Chespin (grass-type), or Froakie (water-type).

The monsters in the game are adorable, of course, but as I was reading about them online, inspiration struck: What if I turned these cartoon creatures into real-life heartthrobs?

As a photographer based in West Hollywood, I shoot more than my fair share of nearly naked hunks. And I'm lucky enough to know a few handsome fellows who don't mind being the center of attention.

With that in mind, I cast my friends in roles inspired by the new starters: giddy, enthusiastic Chespin; sly, intense Fennekin; and sultry, mysterious Froakie. Add a trainer to keep them all on point, and we had all the ingredients for a sexy poolside photo shoot.

Check out the images below, and then head over to Facebook or my site to see more photos.

New 'Pokémon X' And 'Y' Starters Photographed As Sexy Human Poolboys