11/18/2013 04:49 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Population With Marriage Equality About to Be Double What It Was at the Start of 2013 (VIDEO)

There are only a few weeks left in the year, but we'll finish 2014 having more than doubled the population living in states that have passed marriage equality bills.

The governor of Illinois will sign a marriage bill on Wednesday of this week, and marriage equality will start in Hawaii on Dec. 2. That brings the number of people in marriage equality states to about 114 million. We started the year with 57 million.

It's hard to say when Illinois' law will go into effect. Currently it's scheduled for June, but a proposal by one lawmaker would move it up to February.

We're also making advances in several other states. Ohio and Idaho are both moving toward overturning their marriage bans. And a survey in Maine shows the public strongly favoring marriage equality since it became legal last year.