04/21/2014 06:08 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Lesbian Couple Finally Gets Prop 8 Lawyer to Change His Mind (VIDEO)

Since the mid '90s Charles Cooper has been one of the country's leading attorneys fighting to prevent gay couples from marrying. And until recently he was one of the main lawyers defending Prop 8 in court.

But now he says that his views on marriage equality are evolving, and it's all thanks to his lesbian stepdaughter and her fiancée. Ashley Lininger will marry Casey Cole this coming June, and Cooper says that not only is he supportive but his family looks at the Prop 8 plaintiffs as inspiration.

It's a pretty remarkable journey, but it's also one that's becoming more common every day as Americans realize that everyone deserves the freedom to marry.

But in many states couples are still fighting to have their relationships recognized. Several hundred such couples married during a brief window in Michigan, but now the state is trying to withhold recognition of their unions. Some of those couples have now filed a lawsuit against the state.

And several other states have rulings due: Now that appeals have been heard in Utah and Oklahoma, a decision could come anytime in the next few weeks. And a judge in Arkansas says that he'll rule on marriage by the end of this month.