11/04/2013 12:35 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Two More States May Win Marriage This Week (VIDEO)

This is a big week for marriage in Illinois and Hawaii, where legislatures may finally have an opportunity to vote on marriage bills. Or they may not.

Both bills have been a long time coming. Hawaii staked out a position at the forefront of LGBT relationship recognition back in the early '90s, and Illinois has been kicking around a marriage bill since 2007.

Last week, Hawaii's Senate passed the marriage bill by an overwhelming margin, sending it to the House. But progress there has slowed as thousands of citizens sign up for public comment. Legislators will have to sit through days of public speakers before they can finally vote.

The process is even less certain in Illinois. Legislators there are in a veto session, which means that they have the option to bring up a marriage bill for a vote. But they may hold off if there aren't enough supporters to pass it.

Meanwhile, across the country, there's progress in a variety of marriage lawsuits. Virginia, Colorado, Texas, and Ohio all advanced litigation in the last week. And new polling in Wisconsin shows a surge in Midwest support. Bit by bit, the country is moving closer to full marriage equality.