03/28/2008 02:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pub Crawling For Obama

After a cold day of handing out pamphlets for Barack Obama's presidential campaign, three New Yorkers swapped ideas about how to better reach people in a city where so many people are in a hurry and going door-to-door isn't possible with most people living in apartment buildings.

Their solution: Pub Crawling for Obama.
(click the beer photo below to see the audio slideshow)

A handful of Obama supporters toured bars in the East Village on Friday night. They talked up the senator's better points to fellow New Yorkers over pints of Guinness and Stella. They even made a few new friends and picked up some supporters along the way.

Pub Crawling for Obama: talking politics over beers.

One female Obama supporter had a male Clinton supporter buy her a drink (maybe they will run together).

Another, 22-year-old supporter Andrew Fretwell, invented an Obama-inspired drink called "The Barack Carbama." You take an Irish Car Bomb (a shot of Irish whiskey dropped into a Guinness pint and chugged) and add a shot of hope.

An Obama-inspired drink: The Barack Carbama.

Click the beer photo to watch and hear Pub Crawling for Obama (running time 6:15).