10/13/2010 12:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

With Friends Like These

On Sunday national news reports aired Presidential Aide and Senior Advisor David Axelrod as suggesting that potentially illegal foreclosures should not be curtailed. Apparently, Axelrod believes that "some" of the ongoing foreclosures may be justified. What? Justified how? What scale does Axelrod use to justify people being ushered out of their homes because Wall Street gamblers decided to play fast and loose with their futures? That does it! Get out! Axelrod needs to get back to Chicago. Let him help Rahm ramrod that city. And while he's at it, tell him to take Geithner with him!

Thirty months ago, when I heard the lack of substance about what should be done with the economy coming from candidate Obama I knew that something was up. As the upending of Hillary was beginning to take place, I asked myself what forces were behind this unknown upstart? And when I heard the subsequent Democratic platform that suggested that all children in America might not be covered by a healthcare program, I knew the Democrats were not getting my vote. Unseen status-quo forces were upending Hillary and Democrats had the nerve to call Ralph Nader the spoiler.

Here's what I think happened. I believe that corporate forces in this nation saw their best interests articulated through Republican auspices. They also realized that the Bush Administration was leaving and prepared to do the Batista and take the treasury with it when it left. So how best to do this?

Initially, if the first African-American, inoffensive to white people, was going to run, then why not help him? The logic goes, give Obama the Internet, allow him to challenge and hopefully beat Hillary. If that worked, a schism should develop between white women and everyone else severely hamstringing Obama's candidacy. Make sure that white males "cross over" in the southern states during the primaries. That way, Hillary is out after the primaries and then a rhesus monkey wearing a fedora should be able to beat the Black guy in the national elections. Someplace down the line, an oil spill or other set of debilitating calamities would so confuse the issues for the short-sighted American public that re-entry for Republicans to the helm of power would be a shoo-in.

And it almost worked totally except that two days before the beginning of the unraveling of the economy took place (something that had to be initiated on the Bush watch to make sure that it was carried through at all) John McCain blurted and sputtered that the American economy was in great shape. Now the Republican hierarchy didn't warn McCain because he was not so much a maverick as expendable. They needed a four-year buffer period to blame their destruction of the American economic fabric on the Black guy, so that the 2012 elections would go as planned. Four years was about what would be necessary to extract the last part of the American people's savings and worth anyway. But no one was going to take the chance that Obama was smarter than he looked and might jettison the "plans" to be headed by Axelrod, et al.

Besides, if Obama did win the election, corporate power could reel in half the Congress and between the locked-in Supreme Court, the Congressional Republican "hangers on" and the Democratic Blue Dogs, everything was in control. Obama could talk all day about change and movement coming from the bottom. Had he balked at the deal it would have made no difference. The deal was sealed! The reality was that one more revolving door Black man would vacate the Illinois Senate to reign over Black and youthful White disappointment and disenfranchisement

In graduate school two different professors shared with me two concepts of note. First, that any separation between big business, big government and big crime is artificial. They are in essence, fingers on the same hand. Secondly, that there are seven men that control this planet, three who are critically pivotal. If either or both of these assertions are true, then Americans need to take stock.

What I don't understand is why the powers that be need to maintain the farce any longer. It is common knowledge that America is the fountainhead of the controlled state. Many have known since the 1930s that America is totally controlled by few and elitist economic forces. Isn't that why Prescott Bush's kid got into the spy business and never really left it? What was J. Edgar Hoover's mission anyway? You cannot tell me that someone or two or three didn't know that Hoover was gay. But he was allowed to stay and do his work because he fit well a greater agenda. Under this rubric, Richard Lott of Ohio does not stand so alone.

It is a certainty that the Duclos letter, the Trilateral Commission and several other institutions emblematic of United States involvement in undemocratic practices suggest that our language varies greatly across America's actions to her statements about Populism. Populism in America has long been tantamount to Communism in the eyes of the controlling few. That unchanged relationship surfaces whenever the American public rears its collective head and questions the total imbalance between wealth and resource distribution. Which takes me back to Axelrod.

Some spiritualists believe that Barack Obama is the incarnation of promised and intervening galactic forces. Well maybe, but if he is, Axelrod has been the Grand Poobah of the universe! How in hell can any fool tell me that people foreclosed on by vile and illegitimate forces should be extended no relief? Especially when, as this mess was unfolding, Obama could have called for a moratorium on this bandit and rapacious behavior with the swipe of his signature. Why was there no reduced payment order as a condition of bailout combined with the suspension of payments for two years? Do Wall Street speculators have to have that "gross profits fix" all the time no matter what? Stopping the destruction of American families is something that the President could have done with the stroke of his pen.

Instead, he allowed the vampires to suck the necks of all the children. They'll feel better when they wake up, I guess. This is tantamount to my neighbor telling me that if I don't loan him a hundred thousand dollars to save his property, his pool is in eminent danger of overflowing, flooding my property and causing irreparable damage. And when I loan him the money, and then ask him to "let me hold" a hundred bucks his reply is, "times are hard and I've got to give that hundred you want to the "Aid for Dancing Girls in Asia.'" The spiritual community had better wake up! The African-American community had better wake up! Youthful America had best wake up! Because the Axelrod minded wing of this current administration never sleeps. How dare you support foreclosures on children throughout this nation so that a mini-robber baron/investor can receive his unearned and ill-gotten return on investment!

"Ax" and the boys have Obama dancing on the head of a pin. Rahm and Robert Gibbs have already assailed the progressive wing of the Democrats while making decisions that only a "Koch" drinker would love. Democrats, who by definition must be "left" of that relocated "center" of American political thought, are scratching their heads. And that twenty percent of America that now own eighty-five percent of the wealth of this nation are delirious at the direction of current politics in America.

With friends like these...