10/17/2014 12:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Former Indiana Governor Explains What's Wrong With Illinois

As Illinois moves ever-closer to decision time on finding a new governor, could our elected officials learn something from looking at our neighbors? Scott Reeder spoke with former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels about how he ran his state and his advice for his friends to the west.

From Reeder:

"I told my people early on in my administration that I wanted to build the best sandbox in America. I wanted to create an environment that encouraged the hiring of people and more investment in Indiana," he said. "I asked them to consider what they can do better, faster - or stop doing - to ensure that the next job comes here and not Illinois or some other state."

Daniels said focusing on improving the overall business climate has been the key to Indiana's success.

Daniels indicated Illinois and other states have become overly reliant on offering special incentives to select businesses.

Folks on the left call this practice "corporate welfare" and on the right they call it "crony capitalism."

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No matter who wins in November or what tips they do or do not take from Daniels, the next governor will have to tackle questions about education. Andrew Broy, the president of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, says Illinois' schools are at a critical juncture and aren't receiving the guidance they need.

From Broy:

The new report on Chicago charter school performance by the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity fails to provide accurate information at a critical time for public schools in our city. Unfortunately, the report is the latest in a long trend of policy preferences masquerading as research. With so much at stake in our struggle to improve Chicago's public schools, we must separate fact from fiction and truths from half-truths.

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