11/21/2014 12:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Illinois' State Government Must Monitor Its Own Size


Government is self-limiting -- only government can make itself smaller. Illinois is the state with the highest number of taxing bodies, so Nancy Mathieson of Truth in Accounting believes that Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner should take it upon himself to enact those self-limiting governmental powers.

She has a few ideas about he can make that his number-one priority.

Mathieson writes:

Illinois Sen. Daniel Biss knows a lot about how to try to consolidate local government. It took several years and a special law he sponsored to merge Evanston Township into the City of Evanston, even though the two units of government shared the same boundaries. The estimated annual savings of this consolidation is $250,000.

See how Mathieson thinks this success story can be translated through the rest of the state at Reboot Illinois.

Illinoisans know by now to keep a skeptical eye trained on all those locals and state governments to watch out for waste and corruption. But can we trust the federal government to keep everything above the board? Dannie Mahoney, also of Truth in Accounting, thinks it's time the national government 'fess up and tell us what's going on with our national debt. Truth in Accounting has found that the number may be much more concerning than originally believed. See what Mahoney thinks should be done about this lack of transparency at Reboot Illinois.