09/10/2014 12:45 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2014

Quinn and Rauner Go Head to Head for the First Time

One thing came though loud and clear Tuesday at the Pat Quinn, Bruce Rauner debate before the Chicago Tribune editorial board: These two really don't like each other.

To be completely accurate, this was not a debate, but a candidate forum. For all practical purposes, though, it served as a sort of minimally moderated debate, with the two candidates freely going back and forth at each other over the issues that have defined this race. For Quinn, it was Rauner's business dealings and his changing views on the minimum wage. For Rauner, it was allegations of cronyism in Quinn's office and what Rauner says is a failure to resuscitate the state's business climate.

The two spent an hour with the editorial board, and eye-rolling and off-camera hoots punctuated the already lively discussion.

While Quinn and Rauner have appeared at the same events but without interaction previously, the Tribune forum was the first chance for them to argue directly with each other.

See a highlights video at Reboot Illinois and other snippets at the Chicago Tribune.

One major issue discussed during the forum was education reform. Rauner reiterated his support for school vouchers, while Quinn explained that he thinks public education works well the way it is. If Rauner were elected, he has proposed five possible reforms, including expanding school choice for families, improve teacher training, implement merit pay and make college more affordable. See the details of these plans at Reboot Illinois.