10/06/2014 01:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Shaw: Illinois Governor's Race Is Dramatic, But Where Are the Answers?

Elections are exciting. The future of Illinois' governance is up for grabs, and with it come answers to questions about what could happen to the state's income tax, minimum wage and pension reform efforts. So it makes sense that campaigns would be infused with a sense of anticipation. But Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association cautions voters from getting too caught up in the drama of it all and to focus on the issues.

He writes:

One of television's hottest dramas is playing out daily right here in Illinois.

No, it's not The Good Wife, Shameless or Chicago Fire, and Breaking Bad isn't coming back with a Windy City setting.

I'm talking about the rock 'em sock 'em, neck-and-neck race for governor, starring Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn, Republican nominee Bruce Rauner, and a deluge of attack ads they've been bombarding us and each other with for months...

Considering Illinois' monumental fiscal and ethical challenges, voters deserve honest answers to tough questions about what the candidates plan to do if they win on Nov. 4.

Some of that useful information should come out in series of candidate debates beginning this week. And we're doing our part to educate voters before the election.

Check out the rest of Shaw's column at Reboot Illinois.

In addition to slamming each other with accusations during the governor's race, the candidates have also seemed to disagree with themselves. Quinn and Rauner have both changed their tunes on at least one issue each: income tax increases and the minimum wage. Watch the video at Reboot Illinois to hear the candidates flip-flops in their own words.