09/26/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Green Democratic Convention Not Going as Well as Planned

The DNC has trumpeted for months its desire for the greenest convention ever, but now that it's in the midst of the convention, not all of its green schemes are working out. First, the bikes—Freewheelin has brought 1,000 bikes to Denver that will also go to Minneapolis next week for conventioneers to ride to events and parties totally free. Denver does not have enough bike racks for 1,000 bikes, though, and bikes aren't even allowed near the Pepsi Center or Invesco Field, as they're considered a security threat. Better take the Prius instead!

The Denver Sheraton, serving convention guests, doled out Visa-sponsored room swipe cards made of "sustainably harvested wood," rather than traditional plastic swipe keys. They were abandoned quickly, though—turns out the wooden key cards don't work. Now, the Sheraton is handing out plastic keys, and letting guests keep their wooden keys as a keepsake. Even the best-laid plans ...

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