08/13/2014 06:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Random Thoughts on Black People, PoPo, Race

Scott Olson via Getty Images

They shouldn't call it racism, because that brings up asinine phrases like "reverse racism" (what does that even mean)? Its too much of a euphemism. Just call it what it is: white supremacy.

I'm done having dialogues, talks, diversity seminars, diversity training or any other verbal BS. I want action.

Al Sharpton will never be out of a job.

RIP to Robin Williams. But hey media, don't use that to distract us from the Mike Brown story. You won't right? I'm just being conspiracy theorist, right?

Also, can I stop getting the NBA coach anytime I google this case? I know this situation has to be trending. Yo, Anonymous, can you get on that?

Doesn't take too much to be an activist in America. Just be black. Or any other maligned minority. (I see you, LGBT and women.)

They shouldn't have looted because that isn't the right thing to do and more importantly, that is the right thing to say. However, the people of Ferguson showed they ain't playing games. Keep protesting, keep marching and keep those camera phones up for when those dogs try and bite you like they did in the '60s.

Hey white people, especially young white males, how do the police treat you guys during an arrest? I am actually really curious. I already know Dave Chapelle's take on it. I need a friend like Chip to walk me home.

#Iftheygunnedmedown they would probably use this picture:


You know, because America considers us a menace since we were born.

Anytime I hear that another unarmed black man has been killed by the PoPo, like Eric Garner, or now, Ezell Ford or when I hear opinions from people like this who state that "hey, if black fathers simply stayed home and raised their own children, a lot of these issues would go away," I start laughing like Walter White in Breaking Bad.

"To Serve and to Protect"... only some people and especially not Young Black Males.

I realized discussing racism/white supremacy in this country is best ingested with a little humor, so forgive the lighthearted tone, if that's how it comes across. If only this was actually funny.

And now a quote from a man much more eloquent and brilliant than I:

"To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time." -- James Baldwin

Well said, James. Well said.