11/06/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Your Money or Your Life!

Like a cartoon convenience store robber shouting "Your money or your life!" at the clerk, McCain has staked his campaign on a last-ditch effort to make voters sufficiently afraid of Barack Obama (via Ayers, Wright, Rezko and ghosts of terror past) that they'll ignore the fact that he has no solutions for the failing economy, and resign to continue getting separated from their money by backward, misguided fiscal policies. That's what our new song is about. Enjoy!

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Your Money or Your Life

Hello phantoms of yesteryear, it's surely been a while
Since you all were trotted out just like pinch hitters sent to give the world the jitters
Impressive actors, impressive lines
Rehashing the robbery of a horror movie show
Complete with the soundtrack of ghost story voices, the fakest of choices
So decide, pick a side:

Your money or your life, tonight
I guess that's the chance they're taking
Your money or your life, tonight
At least 'til the news stops breaking
Try as though they might, they might
That isn't really the choice we're making
No it isn't quite, it isn't quite

Make the sound of explosions, scare them half to death
Yes this is our very best, just better broke than bleeding
Petrified and freezing, hellbent on believing

Your money or your life, tonight
They're must be some kind of mix-up
Your money or your life, tonight
It's a decision, no not a stickup
Try as though you might, you might
But a freakout isn't a fix-up
No it isn't quite, it isn't quite

Making cynics out of believers
just quiet down for decency's sake
I don't trust you to do much with either
That's not a choice we have to make
Scare them senseless into submission
Watch them crawl down to your side
I've got no patience for false decisions
'Cause none of that is on the line

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