02/01/2013 10:55 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2013

UFC 156: Fight Predictions

This Saturday night at UFC 156, we'll finally get to see Frankie Edgar drop down from lightweight to featherweight and potentially give Jose Aldo the most formidable challenge of his career. While Dana White's been touting this as a "superfight" between two of the world's best pound-for-pound fighters, the real superfights we've been dreaming of start or end with the name Silva. That being said, Edgar and Aldo are undoubtedly two of the most indestructible, well-rounded, and aggressive fighters across all weight-classes and this could easily be Fight of the Year.

Aldo v. Edgar
Predicted Winner: Aldo

Jose Aldo got hit by a car while riding his motorcycle before this fight and that didn't stop him -- I doubt Edgar will either. Despite Edgar's weight cut, the two fighters are still comparable in size and Aldo's got the advantage in raw striking power. It's unlikely Edgar can catch those vicious leg kicks before they do some real damage. However, if Edgar can get him into the later rounds and get Aldo gassing, he might be able to pull out the win by decision.

Overeem v. Silva
Predicted Winner: Overeem

Silva... too... slow. After seeing Cain make quick work of Silva by overwhelming him with aggressive striking and ground control, he all but laid out the blueprint for how this fight will go. Overeem's striking is worlds better than Silva and he'll be immune to Silva's takedowns and mount domination. Odds are this will be an instant replay of Overeem's brief bout with Lesnar and a highlight reel for his inevitable bout with Cain.

Evans v. Nogueira
Predicted Winner: Evans

While his boxing might be technical and he'll be forever immortalized as one half of the real life version of the Natural Disasters with his brother Minotauro, he'll most likely be outclassed by Evans' sharpness, speed, wrestling and outright athleticism. However, it'd be a relief to see Evans get upset by Little Nog, so we don't have to endure the buildup to a fight with him versus the "Spider" when most would rather see GSP or Jones face Anderson Silva in a true superfight scenario (ideally in Madison Square Garden this coming fall!).

Fitch v. Maia
Predicted Winner: Maia

This is my one foreseen upset for the main fight card. Is Fitch an excruciatingly gritty fighter whose condition could last him through an apocalypse? Yes. But Maia is on a serious tear through the welterweight division since dropping down in weight, perfecting his game-plan of takedown and submission. On Saturday night Jon Fitch will meet the one man with the skills, strategy and momentum to end his night on the ground. I highly recommend the MMA Hour's Rick quadruples his usual bet and puts eight cents on Maia.

Benavidez v. McCall
Predicted Winner: Benavidez

To shirk the feeling that these two flyweights are quickly becoming journeymen in their division, one of these two fighters is going to have to send a message that Demetrious Johnson's reign is in no way certain. Benavidez possesses a more comprehensive skillset, undeniable speed advantage, and strong fight camp in his corner, all of which should combine to give him the victory. The real question is whether it will be dominant enough to make the case for a title shot with Mighty Mouse.