03/15/2013 08:51 pm ET Updated May 15, 2013

UFC 158: Fight Predictions

All right, gang, we've been waiting far too long for this headlining fight to actually happen, so no need to waste any more time. Let's get right into it...

GSP vs. Diaz
Predicted Winner: Diaz

What?! DIAZ winning? "That's crazy!" you say? I know it's not the popular opinion and that most betting odds have GSP as a four-to-one favorite, but I have this strange feeling that a perfect storm has been brewing to give Diaz the victory. Diaz is clearly in GSP's head -- we've never seen so many cracks in the dominant welterweight champion's calm and cool demeanor, which may make him vulnerable to mistakes and prone to making this a brawl, rather than a tactical ground-and-pound clinic, which is exactly what Diaz wants. While the only way I can see George winning is via decision, I can see Diaz KO'ing or more likely TKO'ing the champ -- and with five rounds and a top triathlete's gas tank, Diaz might have just enough time to prove everyone wrong.

Condit vs. Hendricks
Predicted Winner: Condit

Though the betting odds seem to reflect that Hendricks is sure to take this one, I'm siding with Condit's pedigree of diverse striking skills to give him the edge over the power-punching of Hendricks. Don't let his last match with Diaz fool you, Condit is a killer who is being grossly underestimated this time around and will look to prove that his last bout of passively circling Diaz the entire time was not indicative of his true abilities.

Ellenberger vs. Marquardt
Predicted Winner: Marquardt

Both of these fighters are well-rounded and forces to be reckoned with, but Marquardt is more seasoned with a more diverse arsenal. As long as he comes out more aggressive than his last Strikeforce match with Tarec Saffiedine, he'll take it.

Ring vs. Camozzi
Predicted Winner: Camozzi

Ring might be a tough grinder, but the 34-year-old Canadian is going to be out-muscled and out-worked by the 26-year-old American.

Ricci vs. Fletcher
Predicted Winner: Fletcher

Uch, are you kidding me? Ricci vs. Fletcher?! Who cares?! These two are undoubtedly top up-and-comers, but for a pay-per-view card with GSP and Diaz on it?! When the UFC has been complaining nonstop about all the amazing fighters they have on their roster?! What happened to all the stacked fight cards of yesteryear? Look, we already have Ring the Canadian on the card, does having another one trump stacking this card to the max? I guess so.