06/18/2012 07:57 am ET Updated Aug 18, 2012

I Smell Something Fishy -- And It's Probably a Patriot

This happens every day in the NFL: A team or more waives one of their players and maybe that player clears waivers. After that player clears waivers, he becomes a free agent and then any team can pick them for their own team. It's nothing new. But why would a team claim a player on waivers when they are injured and most likely can't play in the upcoming season? It's a waste of money, right?

Jake Ballard, a young talented tight end, tore his ACL in the last Super Bowl, when his team beat the New England Patriots. He recently had surgery but failed his physical on Monday. Ballard, his teammates and the New York Giants front offices were hoping he would clear waivers so they could resign him and then he can return to the Giants and be put on IR for the season. But that's not going to happen with the Patriots around. And I don't get why the Giants took a risk like that when they want Ballard on their team and Bill Belichick knocking on the door.

The Patriots just recently signed their 23-year-old tight end, Rob Gronkowski, who is younger then Ballard, to a six-year deal worth $54 million. If that's not good enough for them, they have another tight end, Aaron Hernandez, who is younger then Gronk and had over 900 yards last season. So with that, of course, the Patriots need an injured tight end.

I do think it is a little on the fishy side that with 30 teams, only the Patriots put in claims for Ballard. Even though the Patriots took risks last season, over $3 million on Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth, it's clear they haven't learned their lesson. With them signing Jake Ballard, they're giving away one of their roster spots to a person who will not be able to play and money. Is this the beginning of a Spygate 2? Is Ballard going to be the inside man? Ballard played for the Giants who dominated the Patriots last season and played in the same stadium as the New York Jets. Well, I am not the NFL Commissioner yet, but if I were today, I'm keeping my eyes on the Patriots. This is hard because I have to keep my other eye on Tebow, making sure he knows he's backup to Sanchez. I hope you play your cards right, Ballard, because the Patriots own your rights for now. Good luck.