12/15/2013 10:30 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2014

My Daily Concoction of Goodness

I attempted a mere three days of juice cleansing in Dubai last year, after seeing the luring girly packaging, the delicious rainbow colors of the juices, and of course, the idea of the end result... and I failed miserably. I did of course manage to finish all the juices every day, but the lack of caffeine on the first couple of days gave me such a headache I simply could not handle it.

As editor of a new health magazine in Dubai at the time, and since I was meant to be reviewing it, I felt compelled and pressured to pull through, and so I only succumbed to a few healthy snacks each day, but by the fourth day, the snack increased to a hot dish and the fifth day, I had a packet of crisps (baked, might I add) and popcorn and possibly a few other naughty snacks. The final review was, as can be deduced, not a true account of the truth of what I drank (caffeine included) -- and ate.

I decided at the end of it -- or very possibly after the first day -- that juice diets and cleanses were just not the way forward, that my healthy diet was good enough and increasing and varying my exercises, but always forcing myself to exercise or do yoga or pilates, was all that really mattered.

The whole raw thing didn't exactly suit me, and I'm sure it doesn't suit many, especially if the digestive system isn't always at its optimum and if you travel a lot. That said, I have always loved smoothies -- I used to replace my love of milkshakes with "healthy" smoothies. But it wasn't until recently that I realized what a truly healthy wholesome goodsome and low-fat smoothie was, or in fact what a green-yet-scrumptious-smoothie meant.

And now that I've been having this green concoction of sorts (and variations of it) for the last few months, I've decided to share it here because it and the idea of it and the psychological impact of drinking (often gulping and eating it with a spoon depending on thickness), is so gratifying and makes me feel so happily full, that, well, why not spread and share the wonders. Let me add here that a lady who noticed me drinking this bright green thick liquid did comment that it looked like sludge from the bottom of the pond -- and I couldn't agree more.

So, after the trials and tribulations of banana and berry smoothies made with milk and yogurt, adding this fruit and that fruit, after trying a whole array of juices and diets, here's my wonder drink, one that I thoroughly enjoy, that I look forward to, and that I actually can be bothered to make:

Half a bag of Spinach and / or Kale
½ an avocado (quantity depends on how thick you want it)
½ glass coconut water
½ glass organic or fresh apple juice
1 teaspoon of protein powder (hemp or rice protein)
A pinch of spirulina or wheatgrass powder
1 teaspoon of ground flax seed powder
Optional additions: A handful of rocket, mint, parsley; flax, hemp or udos oil, maca powder
If you need it sweeter, I'd suggest adding a ripe pear and/ or a squeeze of honey or agave syrup.

And there you have it... Carry a bottle of absolute goodness around with you -- for that morning energy, before a workout session, after a pilates class, or even a filling lunch or afternoon snack!