03/06/2013 04:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why I'm Grateful for My Second Son

I had been struggling to start a life coaching business when I became pregnant with my second child. We were faced with the choice of how to manage our finances with another family member on his way. We took the perspective that our family was growing and we should too. So instead of adding pressure to my entrepreneurial struggle, my husband took on work that would pay our bills, and I went back to school.

Earning my college degree from home seemed like the best option at the time, because it was a step forward I could take while staying home with our boys. Along the way, it's proven to be just that. I'll graduate next year, Magna Cum Laude by the looks of it, with a bachelor degree in Communicating Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. I attribute my collegiate success to having the flexibility of being home with my baby and being able to schedule my schoolwork around his needs.

The "Lean Back" I took over three years ago was exactly what I needed. It jump-started my motivation to get ahead in my career. Where I used to spend my days wondering what to do next, I've put a plan of action in place for post-graduation. Studying the effects of communication led me to start both of my blogs, Car-Free in the Christmas City and Take It from Meg, where I get to be fully self-expressed and even make a difference for others.

Sometimes, I look at my youngest son and thank him for joining us when he did. He was quite a surprise, and he altered the direction of our lives. I'll never stop being grateful to him for it.