08/30/2016 04:33 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2017

4 Ways to Make Business Travel Suck Less

JohnnyGreig via Getty Images

Traveling for business can be such a chore. If it's your own business, it could be for an exciting new opportunity that will shift the balance (and maybe pay some bills). If it's not your own business, it could be exciting, or it could be a monotonous part of the job. Either way, it has to get done. But instead of sucking it up and finding the only pleasure in racking up the miles on your card, give one of these steps a try to help make business travel a more enjoyable experience:

Pack Light but Be Prepared
One of the best things I've learned about traveling for business is that in most cases, it's really not that important to make sure you have everything you'll need, as you will most likely be able to pick things up as you go. Don't stress out about packing every little thing, but do make sure you're prepared for long layovers or cancellations. Keep a simple set of essentials in your carryon (toothbrush, underwear) as a "just in case" preparation.

Be Flexible and Have a Sense of Humor
The most frustrating part of being at the whim of airlines is the lack of control you have over your time. So instead of fighting it, embrace the lack of control by being flexible and not letting it get you down. Download apps, games, or music onto a device and try your best to just enjoy the moments you're forced to have with yourself. It won't help anything to get frustrated with the staff or the process. You can even spend the time preparing for your arrival by checking into your hotel online or even reserving your car service for your impending touchdown.

Try Something New
Gregory Giancola, Manager of HRIS Implementations at NeoSystems Corp spends a ton of time up in the air, so I knew he'd be a wealth of info on how to make business travel tolerable. My favorite tip of his was how to keep things fresh and new, especially when you have to make the same trip repeatedly.

"If you have to travel to the same city every week, change it up. Stay someplace different in another area...Wander around the town/city, take in whatever sites you can. Restaurant bars are great for single travelers. The bartenders make you feel welcome and you have someone to talk to. Most other business travelers do the same and are in the same situation. I've met some great friends this way and it helps to meet/interact with new people."

Invest in the Good Stuff
TSA Pre-check, airline clubs with membership perks, sturdy accessories, these are all worth the investment if you plan to be on the road a lot. Try to keep your memberships to one or two specific companies in order to reap the most benefits if you can.

Whether you're traveling for your own business or someone else's, being away from home often can wear you down quickly. If you're beginning to feel burn out (or want to prevent it from happening) give one of these 4 tips a try and you'll be on your way to feeling like a road warrior in no time.