06/05/2013 04:35 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2013

What Are They Fighting For? Could It Be Freedom From Lies and Bullsh*t?

I have listened, like many of you, to interviews on networks and in publications the world over that have asked protestors in various countries -- Iran, USA (99 percent), Egypt, Syria and now Turkey -- what they want. What are they protesting for... or against?

A seemingly appropriate question in this situation, but I have to say, I am confounded. Do we really not understand? Do we really not get why these young people are protesting? Or what they might want?

It is comepletely evident to me and I am certain to many of you that even if these protestors cannot name it, they are responding at a gut level to injustice. To oppression. And simply want freedom from antiquated structures of thought and power that are killing our world.

Many are young people, and because of this have a different voice and maybe even a more advance understanding and keen insight of what is possible for humanity, but they cannot yet articulate it. Since consciousness evolves, I would dare to say they have higher or a more sophisticated consciousness and therefore see and think differently. They know when we lie.

Here is a well articulated description from "them" directly. Start your viewing at min 6:44.

They were born with a more embodied understanding of Oneness. They get something we do not. They LIVE a consciousness that knows without a doubt, that there is no separation between us, other beings and our planet. Their movement is not about changing one structure or another, it is about a complete and fundamental change inside each human being... something many of them are living from the inside out. And this desire for freedom is not a slogan or a campaign speech -- it is a cry from the Soul.

One major tragedy that I see in this situation is that the answers they give to this question "What do you want?" are all over the board, so the voice remains diffuse and unheard. With our linear minds, we find it difficult to connect dots and see this for what it is -- a worldwide movement -- because their answers are not the same, but I assure you it is ONE voice. Their message is not clear because there is no word or slogan or structural shift that can speak to the fundamental nature of the change that is needed.

How do I know this? Because I feel it in myself. There is an impulse, a passion and demand from inside of me that cannot be silenced. It is a call towards freedom from outdated internal structures and beliefs... how could it not also be the case with our cultural constructs, since I am just the microcosm of the macrocosm? And so are they. And so are you.

Young people are trying to get us to listen. Not only are they driving this desire for freedom onto the world stage, but they have creative solutions, ideas and insights to offer. What is our role? Maybe we can reflect back to them what we see so they know who they are, so they can put context to their movement. Maybe we can witness with appreciation their outrage and attempt to throw off the bondage of the past, knowing that it serves us all. I am grateful for their struggle, for their growth and for their insistence. At this time in history, they are our teachers, and the question I ask myself is, how can I serve?