A Firefly Patch

07/23/2014 10:54 am ET Updated Sep 22, 2014

It never ceases to amaze me how when we push ourselves just a skosh, the gifts that reveal themselves to us. For instance, tonight...

I had already donned my paisley pajama pants and black camisole. I prepared a cup of chamomile tea with honey, overly-sweetened by most people's standards, but just the way I like it! I was ready to head upstairs when Abigail gave me the nod and ran to sit next to the front door. "Oy vey! I can't walk around the neighborhood in my jammies, Abigail."

The voice of reason piped in... "What if I have to take a sh**?"

"Okay, you win." I quickly slipped on my black leather flip flops and headed out on our path. The humid summer night enveloped me as I walked. Tiny flickers surrounded me. It was as if I were walking through a firefly patch! That is, if there is such a thing. It brought me back to memories of childhood in my front lawn catching fireflies and storing them in a mason jar topped with a shiny gold lid punched with holes.

I felt like I hadn't seen fireflies in years! Is that even possible?

I continued walking with Abigail. I was a few paces behind her and we turned the block. As we approached the next corner, a man from his garage called out. I smiled, waved back and Abigail trotted up to greet him. "Great," I thought, "not exactly what I wanted on this walk!" After properly introducing Abigail and myself to this gentleman named Steve, he remarked, "Is she always so nice?" I smiled with great satisfaction and replied, "Yes, she is."

After giving her a minute to enjoy the company of her new friend, I gave a gentle cluck of my tongue and snap of my fingers. Abigail and I returned down the driveway to the sidewalk to continue on our path. At this moment, I felt myself overcome with joy.

To think... If I had been selfish and not given the extra 15 minutes it took to give Abigail an additional walk she longed for, how much joy I would have missed out on!