05/31/2012 06:12 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2012

An Evening of Art and Fashion at Saks

As a longtime (or actually lifetime) Upper East Sider, I must confess that I don't make it down to Saks all that frequently. Which is funny, because I certainly patronize Bergdorfs often enough, and that's a mere seven blocks uptown. Why venturing below 57th Street makes such a psychological difference to me, I have no idea. It's also harder to hail a taxi (or any kind of car) from Saks. If you have trouble snagging one outside of Bergdorfs, you can always walk across the street to The Plaza. Problem solved. But in front of Saks, the wait can seem like an eternity. I have developed a near-phobia about it.

All that said, I have always adored Saks. It is where I bought most of my first formal dresses (cue "memories..."). And since I don't go there often, the departments are always new and exciting. The most recent one that I visited was the new Theory shop on Five last Wednesday. I have re-fallen in love with the brand as of late -- I bought two of their leather jackets this spring. Plus, this evening also served as the official kick-off to the Whitney Museum Art Party (on June 6th), which the label is sponsoring and is an event that I have supported for many years.

I arrived there on the late side, around 8 p.m. (the event was supposed to end at 8:30), but the party was still very much alive and kicking, with Whitney Art Party co-chair Maggie Betts and supporters like Kipton Cronkite in the mix. Plus, I had some time to check out some of the clothes, like their signature leather jackets and their blazers with the plushest of fur collars. Not exactly weather appropriate at the moment, but it gives me something to look forward to wearing three months from now. No doubt many of the Whitney Chairs and committee members will be representing the brand come next Wednesday, and we can't wait to see the looks that this stylish bunch puts together.

Incidentally, upon leaving Saks, I scored a taxi almost immediately. A sign that I should make this pilgrimage more often? In any event, I will be back. Sooner than usual.