05/22/2013 12:12 pm ET Updated Jul 22, 2013

In a Long Term Relationship Do Opposites Really Attract? We're Looking at You Kim and Kanye

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I've been married for 14 years to a man most people constantly let me know -- with none of the usual tactful treading around said issue -- how very opposite he is from me. That's right, people meet us -- a married couple of 14 years -- and shake their heads in major disbelief and wonder out loud often to me, "how the hell are you two still together?"

It's not just our significant 15 year age difference, which my 8-year-old casually mentioned yesterday while coloring, as he said, "Mommy so you were 11-years-old when daddy was 26? Did you know him back then because that would be weird." For the record, no we were not a Celine Dion and René Angélil coupling -- we met when we were both consenting adults and legal, but I digress. While our age gap is immense, our differences run much deeper than our physical traits or years. Much like Kimye, my husband and I have very different ideas about life and the way we handle situations.

Like Kim: I like to be social -- although I draw the line at filming my sex life for Internet perusal.

Like Kanye: My husband is very private and would be happy to never have anyone know anything about what goes on in our personal realm.

Like Kim: I am very close to my family -- to the point of us knowing every intimate, and even embarrassing, moment of each other's daily life's minutiae.

Like Kanye: My husband is a major loner and speaks to his family once a year -- although I am trying my best to get him to make calls at least twice a year.

While these differences initially seem innocuous when you are dating and in the throes of your new relationship, as you traverse the more serious moments like bringing kids into the world and deciding who you will bring into your inner circle of friendships, your opposite traits can work against you if you aren't careful. The key, at least for my husband and I in our marriage, is that we've tried to use our differences to balance out the other's extreme personality.

But what does this mean for Kim and Kanye and the probability that their opposite nature will not dampen their ability to go the distance as a couple? My advice: they need to allow the other's strong conviction to rub off on one another. Case in point: at my daughter's bat mitzvah, my husband, ever the reserved fella, and not one to make himself the star attraction needed, and later told me he was grateful for, my constant effort to pull him onto the center of the dance floor -- especially since it made for some really great photo ops. And I was grateful to have him there, when during the bat mitzvah I felt like an emotional train wreck and it was his calming nature that helped to keep me grounded and on track.

So do I think Kimye has a chance at a successful long-term relationship? Yes, but only if they read this post and follow my advice! What do you think -- will these two go the distance?