04/28/2015 01:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sprout Network's #momishere and #nofilter30 Encourages Moms to Be in the Picture


Three years ago Sprout, cable's only 24 hour channel geared towards pre-schoolers, launched a very "real" social campaign. Termed #momishere and #nofilter30, Sprout is encouraging mothers everywhere to simply stop taking pictures of just their kids, and jump in the picture with them. It's a movement to inspire moms to embrace the imperfect, and capture ourselves with our children living everyday regular lives, even if they are messy, as real life can be. Leading the campaign again this year is actress and blogger Michele Lepe better known as Nina, on Sprout's The Good Night Show. When asked why she got involved with such a campaign, Lepe didn't hesitate to share her excitement for a movement that has the ability to empower women as mothers. "It's all about supporting and inspiring mothers to come out from behind the camera and be in the picture." Lepe said.

And she is not alone. A recent viral post about Moms Getting in the Picture drew hundreds of thousand of readers, some with very emotional reactions. Many were commenting that they are never in real pictures anymore, and often are not comfortable with their appearance, thus hesitating to get in front of the camera. The #momishere and #nofilter30 campaign seeks to encourage mothers to let go of their insecurities, and embrace everyday parenting moments with their kids and snap a picture while doing so. "This is a wonderful opportunity to not only make memories together, but to capture them in photos for my kids." Lepe said. As for moms who shy away, she says, "Your children love you unconditionally. They don't see your flaws. They see love. It's important for them to not see us self-conscious."

Lepe has been snapping pictures of her and her children since the#momishere campaign started on April 11, and will continue to do so everyday until it ends on Mother's Day, May 11. The 30 day challenge is still well under way, and Sprout is even giving away prizes to those who participate. Moms only need to share their daily, candid photos on Instagram and Twitter with the #momishere or #nofilter hashtag to be entered.

"This has motivated me to not only capture more pictures of myself with my children, but also actually upload my pictures to be made into prints, and possibly photo books that my children can enjoy for years to come." Lepe continues, "It's not about perfection and posing. It's about real moments, and I want those memories for my kids."

For more information on how you can join the campaign, visit Mom Is Here.


Writer Melissa Fenton with her son.

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