03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

(Taps Shoulder): Excuse me, Mr. President?

Remember me? I'm the little people you promised to serve for two years on the campaign trail.
I'm the person who walked the neighborhood convincing people that you were the one candidate who would remember your own roots in the middle class.
I'm the person who gave their last dime in hopes that I could make a difference.
I'm the person who hoped that after eight years of Bush/Cheney that your presidency would deliver us from the evil that pervaded this country during those years.
I'm the person who sits and watches and wonders how in the hell you forgot who put you in the White House.
I'm the person who has lost faith in our political discourse.
I'm the person who wonders why, after the American voters gave you a solid victory, you keep kicking the little guy in the teeth.
I'm the person who rejoiced as you were sworn in on Jan. 20, only for you to turn into an insulated jet-setter.
I'm the writer who sits and wonders just how and when things are going to get better for our country.
I also sit here and wonder just how in the world you can justify keeping our troops in God-forsaken countries with no positive return on investment. I wonder how it is you're more worried about the people of Iraq and Afghanistan than getting a good health care bill written by your former colleagues.
I'm also glad that I didn't put any more effort into your election than writing blog posts and making sure I went and voted for you last year.
I can only imagine the disappointment of the people who did do the things I listed above and are still being ignored because they can't donate more than $2,700 to you.
Did you honestly think that the American people wouldn't pay attention after you woke them up last year?
I know you underestimated the patience that we, the little people, would have for you to turn things around.
It's hard to be hopeful when you've put so many former Clinton and Bush people in your cabinet as well.
I've been wondering how your chess game has been going. Are you winning by knocking all of the "unimportant" pieces off your board first? Are the only pieces that are important to you winning the bishops, knights, queen and king? Have you forgotten that it's the pawns who allow you to move forward in your chess game?
Personally? I'd be happy if you were to come back to our level and learn to play checkers with the common folk again. At least more of us would understand what you were playing at.
Although, we are not pieces on a chess or checkers board either. We're human beings. We have mortgages, health care bills, car payments, credit card payments and understand that we're one lost job away from losing everything we've built for ourselves.
Have you really forgotten what that's like? If you haven't, prove it.