07/10/2014 08:54 am ET Updated Sep 09, 2014

What I Think My 3-Year-Old Wants to Be When He Grows Up

Noah Clayton via Getty Images

A noodle twirler,

bug collector,

Frisbee hurler,

toy inspector,

finger snapper,

maze constructor,

gift unwrapper,

train conductor,

hula hooper,

snowball thrower,

ice cream scooper,

bubble blower,

flower picker,

hiccup stopper,

frosting licker,

balloon popper,

secret keeper,

costume sewer,

car horn beeper,

pizza thrower,

rainbow finder,

dump truck dumper,

yo-yo winder,

puddle jumper,

candy seller,

spaceship flyer,

fortune teller,

french-fry fryer,

cinnamon bun baker,

roller coaster rider,

stuffed animal maker,

safe-at-home-plate slider,

trampoline tester,

world-famous spit baller,

crocodile wrestler,

and a whole lot taller.

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