09/07/2010 01:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chicken Feed for Brains?

There are days when I hear such stupidity that I truly wonder about the future of humanity. And it's on days like this that I can proffer the Chick's Chicken Feed for Brains Award for those who just can't keep their mouths shut. (Yeah, Chris Meyers, I am talking to you, too!) Today's recipient of the Chicks Chicken Feed for Brains Award goes to Pro Football Weekly host, Mr. Dan Hampton. Over the weekend, Hampton mentioned the upcoming debacle for the Vikings. And it went a little like this:

"The Vikings need to go down there and hit that town like Katrina."

Now, Dan, didn't your mama raise you better than to say something that stupid before television audience, or ANY audience? Even the little Rooster at the age of six knows that it wasn't that storm that destroyed New Orleans, but those dag-gum, federally built and maintained levees that did the damage. Did you not realize that the Gulf Coast recently remembered the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the levee breeches of New Orleans, which left the 80% city under water for weeks? Do you not understand how the people of New Orleans have to fight stupidity of this sort on a daily basis as we try to rebuild our world? I'm shocked that you didn't mention why rebuilding New Orleans, why populate a soup bowl, or other such nonsense.

And, the thing that makes me hotter than a chick on a hot tin roof is that you didn't even pick the right team as the winner for Thursday's game.

So, thanks Mr. Hampton for blowing my weekend. Instead of reading my Drew Brees biography, enjoying my last weekend of summer, and preparing for the upcoming splendor of the week that will be the Tailgate and Party With a Purpose and ANOTHER Saints victory, all I want to do is peck your eyes out.