01/19/2012 05:16 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2012

Kardashians -- Can You Make It Stop?

There's a great radio contest on DC101 everyday at 5:00. It's called "DC101 Can You Make It Stop?" They play a "really bad" song and take callers until someone gets the title and artist right -- at which point they stop playing the song. "Really bad" is subjective because I won the contest once by knowing Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly" and you'll never catch me saying that Lita made a bad song.

Why am I telling you about a DC Radio Contest? Because this is how I feel about the Kardashians. Can anyone make it stop? Anyone? It's not just about the fake marriage or the equally fake and very scripted "reality" show anymore. It's reached a whole new level with the next ridiculous wave of bad press, much of it to the tune of their lawsuits against anyone and everyone who says anything negative about them. Someone out there doesn't like the Kardashians. Wait. A lot of people out there don't like the Kardashians.

Fox News reported last week that Kim only donates the ebay-minimum to charities she hawks -- just 10 percent. The argument was made along the way that the K-sisters are selling items they "personally" paid for. Uh... let's see. If they worked 9-5 Monday to Friday for 10 straight weeks to make enough money to buy that Herve Leger dress, then OK, I could see that statement holding water. But when Kim charges people thousands of dollars to "mention" their product on Twitter? That's not exactly earning the money, is it? It's just sort of letting it get dumped in your lap.

ABC News is reporting that Kim and Mom-a-ger/Fame seeker Extraordinaire Kris Jenner re-shot a scene in which Kim discusses her crumbling marriage and the reasons behind it. The problem is that they shot the scene and dressed up to look like it was filmed during the actual crumbling of the marriage months ago. Revisionist History is probably the only class for which the Kardashians received an "A."

I'm also enjoying how the Kardashians are so outraged about the accusation that Khloe isn't Robert Kardashian's child. Well Kris, you sort of brought this on yourself. If my mother wrote a tell-all practically bragging about her extramarital affairs, I would certainly expect people to look at my brothers and I and play the "which one doesn't belong with the rest of these" game.

In other news, Kim is suing The Gap for using her likeness in an ad. I watched this commerical and I fail to see how this cheapened her brand or violated her likeness. This one seems like a stretch, especially considering how the world came to learn about Kim Kardashian. Does this mean that every woman with brown eyes and long dark hair has to be worried about being sued? Just... wow. And The Gap is fighting back! They are actually going to make her prove her claims. You can't hear me The Gap, but I'm clapping over here for you. Clapping and virtually high-fiving you.

There are other suits the K's have filed as well -- apparently the old publicist who called Kim out for staging her antics, and the suit about the how slave labor makes the clothes on that clothing line at Sears that's apparently sucking wind. The list seems endless.

It's funny to me that they are so quick to sue people but then they know where to draw the line. We all know Kim and the K's had to be stewing over their SNL portrayal as anal-bleaching idiots with a Stage-Mom but Khloe tweeted about how funny they thought it was. Guess suing NBC and/or SNL would be a bit much? Or when Ricky Gervais poked fun at Kim at the Golden Globes, Kim reportedly found it funny. Sure ya did. Sure.

Anyway, I'm sick of it. I think most of the country is sick of it. My parents tolerated my decade-long obsession with Axl Rose, but Axl Rose was talented enough to lead a band with the highest selling debut album ever. The Kardashians don't have talent. Just a PR spin that never seems to end.

Perhaps their day on DC 101's "Can You Make it Stop?" isn't far off. I'll be the first caller saying "Yes I can! It's the sound of the Kardashians, circling the drain!"

A girl can hope.