02/25/2016 08:18 am ET Updated Feb 25, 2017

7 Simple Life Lessons to Help Us Grow

swissmediavision via Getty Images

As we move through this life we are constantly changing and adapting to new perceptions of what we believe is real and what is not. A process that requires intentionality and a commitment to listening and internalizing when we hear a suggestion that may be different than what we already believe to hold validity or what we have already dismissed to be completely fallacious.

This year let us be committed to balancing the truths that we have already learned with new beliefs and thoughts on life.

With a commitment to taking a new path when we leave our front door, this journey will lead us on a path that we never even knew existed but is anxiously awaiting our arrival.

There is a comforting unity in knowing that if we all continue to share our current truths with one another then we can collectively continue to figure out what this world is all about. A beautiful power in numbers, all attempting to discover why we are here and how we can become the people we are destined to be.

Throughout my journey of endless love, valleys of unparalleled grief and the perpetual normalcy of everyday life, these life lessons have helped shape my understanding of the world thus far.

Some may agree to all, some to none, but so is the beauty of self-discovery.

1. Love is the secret. Discovering love in everything because love is why we are here. To give, receive and perpetuate love is one of the reasons of our existence. Romantic love, friendship love, peaceful love, quiet and unassuming love, joyful love, soul shattering, mind-blowing, passionate kissing, love. All love.

2. Integrity is one of the most important moral qualities to nourish. We are born into this world alone and with death we enter into the next phase alone. Integrity that keeps our heads held high and our shoulders back, even when no one's looking, is what we take with us when we leave this earth. Adhering to integrity helps make us complete and whole when all else may fall apart.

3. Letting go of the relationships that hurt and hinder is key to not only happiness but personal growth and discovery. Being honest with ourselves, who we are, and who we want to be, is part of what we are here to learn. It takes strength to let these relationships go and we must trust that we know better than anyone else what is best for our hearts and souls that are moving forward.

4. Being gentle in our words and slow to speak is a precious skill to master. So often we talk on things we know nothing about. Silence is sacred and a secret that many will never master. Words have a power that we cannot see but can be more powerful than physical strength. Respect that power with intentional thoughtfulness.

5. We are continuously changing and must be committed to growing with our loved ones. Internalizing the understanding that we are continuously in flux keeps us aware of the importance of growing with our partners, family and friends. Change is happening and is an essential part of this journey. This time is fleeting and many times so are our views on life and our endeavors that we pursue; support the ones you love.

6. Offering support when you feel strong and being willing to take support when you feel weak will be your constant in a world that is full of arduous paths. Love is the understanding that we all are fighting a battle that is exhausting at every turn, all pain is equal through the eyes of the victim. There will be inevitable and continual ebbs and flows in our journeys, helping one another is crucial to our success as a whole.

7. Doing something creative every day is just as important as our daily exercise. Mundane routine keeps us from our full potential and can arguably be the scariest part of human existence. Doing something differently than we have in the past allows us to see the infinite possibilities of transformation. Attempting to view the world in a different light opens up our hearts and souls to be able to perceive truth and who we are meant to be in a world that is full of routine existence.