01/27/2011 11:34 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Dating & Groupon: Can I Get %50 Off This Kiss?

So I know the new trend is Groupons, coupons, two for one specials, Living Social, Deals for Deeds (glad that one of these such sites has an altruistic premise), etcetera. Last week Amazon gave a discount on money. Seriously, a discount on an Amazon gift card. Brillz.

But can you use one on a date?

An FFJD-er lamented to me that a date she was with used a gift certificate (along the same lines) and it was a turn off:

So, I may have high standards, but, to me, a first date has a lot to do with impressing each other. I don't think that spending mucho dinero is required, but finding a restaurant with good food/a nice environment/something that refers back to a previous conversation/etc. is always appreciated.

After meeting a guy at a bar wasted (and not really remembering anything about him the next day) and then texting back and forth for a month, he finally asked me out to dinner! I don't think I've ever been to dinner on a first date (drinks are usually easier -- less of a time commitment and less of an expense [for the guy] if it sucks). Anyway he said he made us a reservation at a swanky restaurant in NYC. I checked out the menu online and was a little surprised - it was REALLY expensive. Like, maybe I would ask my parents to take me there on a birthday.

Anyway, I guess I was excited to have an opportunity to eat at this place that I prob wouldn't eat at otherwise.

The night before, I get a text confirming our meal (very polite), along with a note telling me to come hungry and thirsty because it's going to be a good time. I thought that was a little strange because I like to eat and drink and wouldn't show up to dinner full, but maybe some people do...

We sit down at our table and then he prefaces what he's about to do by telling me to order whatever I want on the menu because we're spending a lot of money tonight and BAM -- he whips out a $250 gift certificate and says, "It expires next week, so we have to spend it all tonight." (Have I just signed on to an eating competition?)

I can't really place why I was so not pleased by the use of a gift certificate on the first date, but I guess it just made me feel not special.

Now, this is a nice restaurant. I'm not sure if I'd be as offended, but it did seem like he was trying to pawn it off on his date, although he could have always taken a friend or family member. FFJD constituency, what would you have done?

A coupon or gift certificate is one thing. But what about a Groupon or daily deal? I think they're okay, as long as its done tastefully and in previous conversation, like "oh, I have this great deal to this place I'm dying to try, shall we go there?"

And not, "don't order anything over $50."

Money stuff is always uncomfortable (wrote about someone calling me out for not offering to help pay the check), so do you offer to help pay for the coupon too?


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