01/09/2013 09:07 am ET Updated Mar 11, 2013

Wednesday Links: Chinese Censorship Fight, Reclaiming Jihad, Dick Armey's Mistake

-- Chinese newspaper will publish tomorrow, following strike over censorship. NY Times video.

-- Why did Dick Armey dish to liberal Media Matters? The ex-FreedomWorks chair thought he was talking to the conservative Media Research Center.

-- Muslim activists are trying reclaiming the word "jihad," which won't be easy.

-- It's not just the neocons taking aim at Chuck Hagel. Rachel Maddow calls out "Akin-esque" views on issues like rape and abortion.

-- Google's Eric Schmidt urges North Korea "to allow more open Internet access and cellphones." (Bonus: How AP gets such exclusives out of Pyongyang).

-- NY Times publishes more comprehensive obituary for the Richard Ben Cramer, author of the Ulysses of campaign reporting, "What It Takes."

-- TNR's Tim Noah: "How the New York Times Screwed Martin Luther King Jr."