09/14/2011 11:03 pm ET Updated Nov 14, 2011

Obama Fights Back

With his numbers at their lowest ebb and with the loss of two off-year elections in New York and Nevada, President Barack Obama is barnstorming the nation on his American Jobs Act tour.

At North Carolina State University, Obama electrified a massive crowd at Reynolds Coliseum with a powerful comeback performance that transformed the arena into a sea of political electricity.

The crowd of 10,000 Southern students and locals chanted: "Oh-Ba-Mah! Oh-Ba-Mah! Oh-Ba-Ma!" and "Four More Years!, Four More Years!, Four-More-Years!"

Under the baton of Dr. Paul Garcia, the Director of Music at NCSU, the famous Power Sound of the South Marching Band with over 300 members warmed up Reynolds Coliseum with supercharged renditions of popular hits: "Also Sprach Zarathustra," "Apache" and "Hungry Like the Wolf" for the massive audience assembled in the lair of the legendary NCSU Wolf Pack.

With a flurry of energy, Obama arrived on the platform and brought every member of the massive audience to their feet.

In his shirtsleeves, Obama recognized Governor Beverly Perdue and former Governor Jim Hunt, then he delivered a compelling appeal for his American Jobs Bill.

Pleading that the bill would employ NCSU graduates in his grand scheme to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure of America -- including four bridges in Raleigh alone -- Obama was frequently interrupted by thunderous applause.

In this rock concert, there was no distance between the rock star and his audience. At one point, while Obama was in full flow explaining his plan to create jobs, a lone male voice rang out: "I love you Barack!" Obama responded immediately: "I love you back!"

From the moment he mounted the podium, Obama was out front, hitting his audience with a steadily ascending crescendo of political riffs that struck all the right chords.

The excitement of the audience welled up inside the massive auditorium. Every person inside Reynolds Coliseum stood up and lifted the energy level. This was political Woodstock. Obama introduced a brilliant version of that classical American theme: "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" to rebuild America and keep her where she belongs.

"I don't want the fastest trains and the biggest airports to be built in China. We should build them right here in America!" Obama thundered. This number was literally music to the ears of the enthralled throng.

Obama's driving message encapsulates the most powerful political comeback surge in many long years of presidential mediocrity -- and worse.

Invoking his mantra: "Yes, we can!" Obama brought his concert to its climax.

While Obama shook hands along the rope-line -- every mind and heart in Reynolds realized that the president was back in the race.

Obama's Maximum Mojo tour careens onward through the heartlands of America. Don't miss it.