The Ticket That Imploded

05/15/2008 05:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The naked truth about the soft machine of the American body politic is that we are incessantly manipulated by invisible forces orchestrated by a conspiracy of strategists with vastly superior intelligences.

In recent months, weeks and days the American people have been programmed by the MSM to anticipate a Democratic presidential ticket that simply defies logic. Theoretically, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will lock themselves together in a strange and troubling political embrace under the time-honored captions, "Opposites attract," and "Politics makes strange bedfellows."

The earliest intimations occurred some time ago in the immediate aftermath of the presidential debate before Super Tuesday moderated by Wolf Blitzer of CNN who boldly mooted the possibility of a dream ticket: a black man and a white woman united together in a quest for the White House. One month later, these titillating intimations escalated to a higher level in the aftermath of the Texas and Ohio primaries.

First, when the question of a dream ticket was broached by CBS's Harry Smith on the Early Show, Hillary Clinton said, "That may be where this is headed." Emboldened by the former First Lady's eager acquiescence to the rather dubious proposal made by a network go-between, the next day ABC's Diane Sawyer repeatedly raised the possibility of the dream ticket in a comic pantomime with James Carville, a long-serving Clinton factotum.

From that point, there was little secret that egged on by the Clinton political family, the MSM wanted what was for all practical purposes an arranged political marriage. The media industry saw this once only conjunction as a surefire formula for astronomical ratings via the big buildup in a premeditated vulgarization of the presidential campaign.

Without missing a beat, the MSM's campaign to infantilize the American public continued its unrelenting onslaught. To satisfy the gargantuan hunger and thirst of the insatiable MSM Leviathan, come hell or high water, the presidency must be leveled to the lowest common denominator - audience share, ratings, sales and advertising revenues. Of course, the beneficiaries of this tawdry carnival would have been the owners and stockholders of the major media, while the two candidates would suffer hideous discomfort in their portrayal of the political odd couple.

The incompatibility of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with race or gender. Their incompatibility is purely and simply political. One represents the politics of change, while the other represents the status quo ante. One has launched an inclusive movement that is bringing new blocs into his column, while the other is projecting her politics of divisiveness by segregating her supporters across a racial fault-line.

Last week, when Clinton described her political appeal as derived from, "working class, white Americans," she invoked the language of the Dixiecrat movement of 1948 when Strom Thurmond led a massive exodus of segregationists away from the presidential campaign of Harry Truman that nearly cost HST the election.

Negotiations for the arranged political marriage hit a feverish pitch on Fox News. The moves were not subtle. On several Fox News programs, experts extolled the appeal of an Obama-Clinton dream ticket. In an interview on Sirius radio, Terry McAuliffe excitedly enthused about the dream ticket.

Swiftly after that episode the dream ticket farcicality escalated to the dowry negotiations and that is where it hit a brick wall. On Fox News Sunday, Howard Wolfson revealed a massive 20 million dollar Clinton campaign debt, but later on the same program Obama's chief advisor, David Axelrod, coldly rejected the possibility of transferring such a massive amount of political dowry from one campaign to another.

In a long and witheringly embarrassing series of overt maneuvers, the Clinton campaign floated their trial balloon for the ticket of their broken dreams. When the public negotiations eventually reached the dowry stage, representatives of Obama balked leaving a jilted bride committed to a shotgun wedding alone at the proverbial altar in her faded wedding dress with the wilting flowers and the stale wedding cake as props adorning a rapidly decaying backdrop fit for Miss Havisham.

In his classic Nova trilogy, William Burroughs warned America about the political abuse of the viral nature of language. In his chillingly accurate prophecy, Burroughs described our culture as defined by mind control via psychic, electronic, viral, subliminal and pharmaceutical agents under the control of a fiendish gang of miscreants, the Nova Mob. Burroughs explained,

The basic nova mechanism is very simple: Always create as many insoluble conflicts as possible and always aggravate existing conflicts -- This is done by dumping life forms with incompatible conditions of existence on the same planet.

Every American knows that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are incompatible partners for a political marriage. While Burroughs defined language as a virus, we can now define the offspring of language, politics, as a virus -- a psychic virus that compels us to fantasize about the impossible while careering headlong aboard an express train towards a terrible explosion in an insoluble conflict leading to what would certainly have become a political nova.

For all concerned, it is just as well that the Obama-Clinton ticket imploded. Whether Hillary Clinton will morph into a political version of the vindictive Miss Havisham remains to be seen.

In a spate of blatant misogyny, the Bible informs us of the "fury" of a scorned woman. Let us hope that Miss Hillary Havisham does not chose to reward our programmed political fantasia with her vengeful presence even though it would thrill the MSM and their shadowy controllers -- the Nova Mob.