05/03/2013 08:15 pm ET Updated Jul 03, 2013

Ask Michael Cohen: How to Deal With a Break-Up

The reason I am writing you is because after three years my boyfriend just broke up with me and it hit me hard. I was cooking dinner and he came home from work, walked in the kitchen with that I-have-something-to-tell-you-face and said he wasn't sure I was the one. I started to cry and left. We haven't spoken since but I want my stuff back that's at his place. What is the next step? -- Kelly D, Chicago

Yikes. So there you are, probably making some spring salad, and he walks in and dumps you when all this time you probably wanted him to put a ring on it. There is never a good time to break-up with anyone, but consider it a gift. You got the truth and now you can make way for the right man to sweep you off your feet in the Windy City. As for getting your stuff back, be the bigger one. Call him and on said phone call, be gracious. Tell him you are coming over to pick up your stuff. Walk in with dignity, your head held high and a smile on your face and gather your belongings. Hopefully,he's already put them in a designer shopping bag not the grocery store one. If he has your stuff waiting downstairs, he's a wimp.

I'm 40-years-old and gay. I thought I finally found the right one. Turns out he has been cheating on me with a 22-year-old twink. I found out because one of this kid's friends left a note on my car telling me so and left his number. I then called and the friend told me everything because his conscience couldn't handle knowing about the affair. It's all so crazy but it still saddened me. I thought I would write in and get your opinion. What would you do? -- Justin, Miami

I had to read your question a few times. Talk about drama. Most people think it's a bad thing being left for someone younger. It's a good thing and here's why: the joke is on them. When I see an older guy dating a younger guy, or girl for that matter, I am embarrassed for them. No smart and emotionally mature man would date someone half their age. Maybe love isn't going the way you thought it would but be happy you got rid of him. Get back to dating and find yourself some summer lovin' and have that blast Olivia Newton-John sings about in Grease.

Two months ago I was fired from my job. I worked in advertising and because we lost a major account there were cut backs. I've been in such a slump about it. I haven't even looked for a job. All I've been doing is hibernating in my apartment, watching movies, drinking wine and smoking cigs. My severance is about to run out. I honestly feel like I am going through a bad break-up. Help me get out of my funk. I think you are funny. -- Erica V, New York City

I'm blushing. Not really, but I do want to be your friend. Your day sounds perfect to me and I spend many of mine the same way. When I do, my friends and family call me and beg me to get out of my apartment and do something. So, I walk in Central Park or head over to Barney's. Both make me equally happy. I wouldn't suggest the latter since you are about to run out of money, but get yourself out and do so in time increments so it's not too challenging. You should also call the agency where the account headed to and see what opportunities exist.

I broke up with my boyfriend six months ago but I want him back. After going out and playing the field, I realize he is better than the others. How can I make this happen? -- Name Withheld, New York City

Thanks for the brevity of your question. I'll return the favor. Whoa, talk about a sense of entitlement. I hope he's found someone else because you sound like a former spoiled brat cheerleader from a wealthy suburban high school whose mental and social capability is still stuck there.

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