08/30/2010 04:44 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Con Games: Glenn Beck's Miracle Cure

Glenn Beck dreams of God. He prays to God with the door open so his kids will see his subjugation before the Lord. Many of those who love his radio show and came to the Lincoln Memorial Saturday for his "I have a dream" moment have no idea that he worships a false God before them.

Sarah Palin dreams of the military and her Presidency and perhaps putting the two together some day. She dreams of serving out her term if the dealio works for her. She comes to Washington, D.C., Sunday with hundreds of thousands of others to "restore honor" to the military--even as she admits our military has never been without honor. She writes nothing on her hand.

The rally drew white people like grilled cheese to white bread, all in the name of civil rights that barely got a nod from the madding crowd. Glenn Beck is presented to the public on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "Dream" speech and the March on Washington by marching out on a summer's day to the bucolic strains of "Appalachian Spring" by Aaron Copland.

Spring, you see, is now summer. A Mormon who cares nothing for the poor declares himself a civil rights leader by accident. His fans worship in Mammon at the feet of a Mormon God and don't even know it. A Presidential wannabe gives a speech "Restoring Honor" before she admits that no such restoration is possible.

Glenn Beck says "divine providence" brought everyone to the reflecting pool on the day Dr. King made history with the blunt instrument of an idea that could no longer be denied. This time there are no politics and no signs allowed and not single idea to dream of. In a movement bereft of ideas and actual values, the reflection that comes back is blank.