12/31/2014 04:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Don't Boss Yourself Around This Year!


Either you love it or you hate it -- the new year.

Change is expected and encouraged with 'resolutions' -- the firm choice to do or not to do something.

Personally, I never liked making resolutions for the new year and I was never successful with them when I did set goals. Here's what I support:

You DON'T have to make resolutions. You don't have to set goals. You don't have to move mountains and change things immediately. Relax! And don't boss yourself around. How good and satisfying does that sound?

Go ahead -- really live in the New Year.

Sure you want to make changes. We're programed for that -- "Time to make New Year's resolutions."It's natural to think that way. You think about changing things all the time. Change for the better. You want to get back to exercising and eating well. You want to look for a new job. You want to spend much more time with the people you love. You want to enjoy your life.

You can! Allow it. It's your most important choice. Make that choice.

Breathe into your life. Feel it. Watch it.

Take simple, easy steps and just experience the NEW 2015 and your relationship to it.

Don't rush into it. Just watch it happen. You're already part of it.

-- Merge with it like you would slipping into your favorite pair of comfortable shoes.

-- Savor it as you would resting in your own bed.

-- Release and open up all your senses -- smell your favorite scents; taste delicious flavors; listen to what you love to hear; touch what utterly pleases you; look at everything in new, fresh ways.

Give you senses an easy tune up. Indulge yourself and love the entire, gratifying, sensory ride they offer you.

Take it easy.

No rush. No pain. No pushing.

You're coming out of a full year of work and life. You've been celebrating the holidays and as you move forward -- enjoy the transition and meaning of a whole new year of living.

It's a time for renewal. Renew yourself

Befriend your body.. Work without struggle and effort. Create a fair and good relationship with time and money. Baste yourself regularly in goodness and peace.

No matter what difficulties you're facing, challenges and searing hard times and pain you're living in right now, get through it one moment at a time, and thrive. You will survive. You always do.

Pull yourself into a place that makes you happy

Maybe it's reading a book, being with someone you trust and love, watching a movie, taking a walk, being alone or having a damn good cry. Whatever works for you do it!

Live the beauty and power of that very special thing. It's your treasure and gift to yourself and take hold of every bit of strength and joy you can get out of it. Repeat it often. Make it last. You absolutely can! And you absolutely deserve it!

Live in the moment.

Live with ease.

Live with mental and physical happiness.

Be safe.

Be good to yourself.

Be kind.

See, I'm giving you orders. I'm bossing you around. Hope you don't mind.

I'm championing you because I have faith in your abilities. I know you can do this!

Happy New Year!