12/27/2016 08:17 pm ET Updated Dec 28, 2017

My Princess Leia

Istvan Kadar Photography via Getty Images

For me Princess Leia was not just a movie crush -- she was the inspiring, brave, brilliant heart of a rebellion against "The Empire." While Luke is trying to figure out who he is and Han Solo is looking out for himself Leia is holding true to the mission. The men are essentially helpful, but they are helpful in HER mission.

She is the decisive, relentlessly courageous, ever resourceful, slyly funny Princess who saves the day for the galaxy. She gives the final speech to the pilots before they take out the Death Star, she awards the medals to the heroic fighters. And now, now that we have a Death/Reality Star actually hoving into view, now that we actually have a would-be Emperor surrounded with Tarkins and Vaders and a Senate enfeebled by infighting and inbreeding, now that we need a Leia to bring us the plans to take down the planet killer we have lost her.

She was a mythically amazing character inside a tale of rebellion, and now it is up to all the rebel fighter pilots to fight for what the Princess represented:



Death to the Empire!