03/25/2011 02:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Michele Bachmann for President. Because She's Awesome.

I think it's great that Michele Bachmann isrunning for president. I really do. She's so good for the GOP, so much a voice of the conservatism of today. Without her in the race, well, it just wouldn't make sense.

Okay, she's not officially running yet, she's just planning on setting up one of those exploratory committees. But come on, you know she wants it, and she's got God behind her, so it looks like a done deal.

Oh, you think she's a joke, do you? Well, laugh if you wish.

With her impressive Tea Party bona fides, her reckless conspiracy theorizing, her self-focused faux feminism, and her general right-wing craziness, she's just what a ridiculously weak Republican field needs. (Well, okay, maybe it needs Palin, but she's just so self-absorbed and ignorant. Her "star" is brighter than Bachmann's, to be sure, but it's Bachmann who's more determinedly Republican.

So I say again, with all the encouragement I can muster:

Run, Michele, run! You'll do great.

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