05/22/2015 04:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pastel Underwear Easily Transitions From Spring to Summer

Often called the "Easter eggs of the underwear drawer" (no? It's just us that calls them that?), pastel underwear offers up a bright addition to what otherwise may be a dull drawer in your bureau. And yes - we of course realize that pastel underwear is typically a spring trend, but with the bright looks from the following brands, you're sure to wear these pairs well into summer.

The luminescent colors from Jor shine across our model's gorgeous skin, and have beautiful white accents to highlight the pastel colors. Papi brings us a darker look from their new Summer Mirage Collection, which still pops like a firework. Jor delights in lime green, and Papi tries a purple ombre look for a dark-to-light effect.

On brands Mundo Unico and Sly, the pastel colors are combined, instead of contrasted against one another. Sly's asymmetrical design is on-trend and funky, and Mundo Unico plays with yellow and blue pastels. The best part of these looks? The zigzag on the pouch, obviously.


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