06/30/2015 05:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wide Waistbands: Active Elastic

You may not realize it, but a pair of underwear's attitude comes from its waistband -- at least, that's what we believe at The Underwear Expert. Think about it -- take away an underwear's waistband, and you may have a more elegant look, but add a wider waistband, and you'll look like more of an athlete. So, it all depends on the style you're going for.

The Underwear Expert created a two-part exclusive that is all about briefs and jockstraps with wide waistbands. One of the featured brands is Andrew Christian, which makes us all think of go-go boys versus goalies - or at least those of us who are familiar with the brand. However, in the BLOW! Collection, the wide waistbands add a sporty vibe to what we assume would normally just be a sexy pair of underwear. We love the BLOW! Brief in white, which has a black waistband that complements the black leg trim. Similarly, Alexander Cobb's Yellow River Slip has a more contemporary, black/yellow color variation.

For more on-the-nose and trendy styles, The Underwear Expert recommends Clever and 2eros. Both have wide waistbands that are metallic. The Clever Zircon Brief has a wider cut body and a wide silver waistband. It does indeed create a sporty look, but the white mesh adds to its sexy appeal. And if you've got gold fever, try out the 2eros Vivid Brief - it has a gold, saucy waistband.

But the ultimate winner of the wide waistband looks is PUMP! The company features their brand name in bold, all-caps, with that sassy exclamation point on their waistbands - which definitely wouldn't fit if PUMP! made their waistbands slightly smaller.

How do you like your waistbands - wide or narrow? Do you think you'll purchase any of these pairs?


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