04/20/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Planetary Revolution And The Paralysis Of Inevitability

The deal with Obama, Geithner and AIG is only the first shot across the government's bow. Whether you think the President has genuinely been blind-sighted, or he's just doing a well rehearsed, disillusioned Eagle Scout routine, it doesn't really matter what he is saying at the moment. There is a giant explosion coming to Washington. Mars is approaching Uranus in the sign of Pisces, right smack in the heart of the D.C. horoscope. (Cities have horoscopes too, just like people, and Washington is a Pisces.) This blast promises to blow at least one huge whole in the administration's policies as public rage grows. Am I being too dark?

That's what my editors at Vanity Fair thought when I submitted the piece called Horoscope USA, which was finally published in the magazine in December of 2006 -- after it had been thoroughly edited "for size". Even then, at the last minute, they threatened to cut it "because of space". Just as the issue was going to press, I told them how important I believed the piece was, and they should drop out my regular column if space were the problem, and replace it with the Horoscope USA. They did, but afterward I received a note from the editor-in- chief, saying, "I hope you're wrong."

Roughly around the same time I submitted a proposal for a book on the astrology of the USA to my editor at Simon and Schuster. The title: America Tomorrow, But she rejected it. "It's too scary," she said.
Thank God for the Huffington Post. Now I can say what I've been trying to say for going on three years.
So here we are almost three years later with Pluto already in Capricorn and Uranus just about to leave Pisces, and now we're saying it right out:

Revolution is in the air.

The planets describe it, and heaven knows, the people have just about had it up to their eyeballs.
So is Madame Defarge off on the sidelines somewhere knitting names into a sweater? Why isn't anybody doing anything?
You have to wonder why there hasn't been a louder outcry sooner. That's the nature of planets in Pisces, though. For the moment people are stunned into inaction. They are paralyzed, rubbing their eyes as if they've just stirred from a dream. They are dazed, and see the drama unfolding inexorably and inevitably before them. They are looking around for someone to blame, so watch now and see how the pot starts boiling in the media as Mars moves forward and reaches Uranus in mid-April around tax time.
But this is only the beginning.
People are funny. Just before the catastrophic explosion, they get lethargic, apathetic and goofy, almost catatonic, crippled by shock into denial. They look to a higher authority (government) to intervene. They look to their champion. They welcome stricter controls against the greedy individuals (corporations and banks) they feel have violated them. They seek protection from all the forces they pretend they were unaware of. Eventually, they are disillusioned with their champion. Their protector becomes their oppressor. They revolt.
There is going to be a big battle in this country. But not quite yet. It's as if the people have been stung by a tropical insect or a snake whose venom leaves the victim powerless to observe itself being devoured.
The story will change dramatically, however, when Uranus comes to the end of Pisces and flips over into Aries during the second half of 2010 and 2011. Some people will get violent for sure. Some will jump out of windows believing the end is near and all is lost. Others will get drunk and stay drunk. Some will close their eyes and hope it isn't happening. Many, however, will have faith in the future, move ahead with wisdom and compassion and decide to take the high road and meet the challenge.
If you've ever gone white-water rafting, that's how it is right now. You drift lazily down a river in the sunlight, watching the trees and the wildlife, and then, suddenly, you're confronted with wild rapids. It's nothing to be scared of, but you have to stay frosty, keep your head and be ready to act spontaneously and adapt to enormous, unexpected change. It can actually be an invigorating, refreshing, enlivening and liberating experience to be alive and participate actively in the rebirth and reconstruction that follows.
So don't pretend we're not headed toward those rapids. We're not there yet, though. We're still on the raft, enjoying the scenery. But it's coming. Be sure of that.