08/21/2014 01:00 pm ET Updated Oct 21, 2014

Make Art Not War

It seems to me the trouble in Ferguson, Mo is being handled by law enforcement with such tired tactics that the whole country is losing faith. Of course the root of the issue -- why an unarmed man who allegedly stole cigars was shot six times -- need to be dealt with at a systemic level. But dealing with the aftermath and frustration of a community and external sympathizers might require social innovation and not an increasing aggressive elevation of force or armament.

In short, better guns and bigger tanks won't ameliorate the angry crowd.

But maybe artwork and really nice food will.

I am challenging the local police authorities -- and will pay for or raise money to fund -- catered meals that are a gift from the police to the protesters. Great sandwiches. Possibly BBQ. Food trucks with amazing cuisine. Excellent local pizza. What do hungry protestors savor?

More, a massive wall constructed for protest artwork. And paint. Lots of paint. To spray, splash. good and create the words and images that express the anger and raw emotion everyone there must be feeling. Maybe, we should also include professional graffiti artists who can capture the moment, create the mood and leave a legacy for the injustice people are feeling.

We want peace and resolution. But will that really happen with a show of force?

Moments of conflict like these call for social innovation: new ways of solving problems and new ways of creating calm while recognizing and providing vents for anger. What say you fellow innovators, artists and chefs? What is the protest food of 2014 and what can we capture the ideas and emotions through design? What are the right posters for the times?