10/26/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

He Can Wait To Introduce Her To Warshington

McCain looked at his Blackberry (the one he invented, btw) to find that the only available date he has to reschedule the Presidential debate is - OMFG, what a coincidence - the night of the VP debate! Oh garsh, friends, I think we're gonna have to cancel Sarah's big night. And sheesh...only a month til the election. I wonder if we'll even have time to reschedule it at all. Damn fat cats are ruining everything!

A funny thing happened on the way to forum. The people who are teaching Sarah Palin that the world isn't flat have been getting a little nervous. She's apparently not the quick study that Laura Bush claims she is. Witness the interview with Katie Couric. Governor Keepin'-An-Eye-On-Putin is not only ignorant, she actually might be downright dumb. What is it about Republicans that they will vote for a moron simply because that moron attends the same church? Haven't we had enough of this Quayle/Bush/Palin circus of schmucks for a generation or two? Do we honestly need four or eight more years of a full blown imbecile riding atop one of our missiles a-hootin' and a-hollerin' all the way to Armageddon?

Campbell Brown had it right this week when she called the McCain campaign sexist for locking Palin away. But it's more than that. Sarah Palin herself is inherently sexist. What I mean by that is the very concept of Palin is sexist. There are innumerable women out there who would have been as good or better than any man. But this is somehow the woman who should make history? This sitcom character? This beauty pageant contestant? Let's face it, Sarah Palin, the great leap forward for women, is a giant, embarrassing step back. Sarah Palin didn't earn her place at the top echelon of national and international conversation and debate. She didn't earn the right to be one step away from the single most powerful office on the planet. She was chosen because of her gender. And a decision based on gender is, by definition, sexist.

And who made that decision to shove this featherweight into a ring of heavyweight champs? That decision was made by a desperate old man who wants one last chance at greatness and is willing to sell everything that was ever great about him in order to get it.