04/04/2008 03:15 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Um....Rocky Lost. And Lying Is Like Farting.

How is a lie like a fart? The only person laughing about it is the one who did it. (You can find that in the encyclopedia under, "whoever smelt it dealt it.")

If Hillary is like Rocky, as she keeps saying, then it must be because they both suffered brain damage after going too many rounds. That could be the only explanation as to why she could joke on Jay Leno about her Bosnia lie. Not incidentally, she added that in lying about taking sniper fire she merely "had a lapse." I can only assume she means a lapse in mental activity. Otherwise it would have to be one of the other big lapses: judgment, truth, and/or integrity?

"I had a lapse" is almost as laughable as last week's "I misspoke." I'm sorry, but misspeaking is what happens when you mean to say one thing but you say another by accident -- like when Bill said he "didn't have sexual relations with that woman" but really meant that he put a cigar in her vagina. Lying is when you say something you know to be false. Shameful is when you tell that lie repeatedly over many years. Shameless is when you joke about it as if it's something that just kinda happens. Like farting.

For you Clintonistas who still can't understand because you're too busy longing for the old days, as I once did, I'll use a helpful analogy from that era. Claiming you dodged sniper fire in order to give yourself street cred is kinda like when MC Hammer released a gangsta-rap album. Nobody bought it.

As for the Rocky analogy? Well, he did lose after 15 rounds to a charismatic black man. So there's that.