08/04/2006 03:00 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Reading The Pictures: Hillary's Punching Bag

hillary on pace.jpg

It's not often you find an intriguing angle in a Senate hearing photo. Yesterday's Armed Services Committee session (featuring Pace, Abizaid and the "other" Donald), however, offered a sleeper.

Although Hillary was not even identified in the caption, this pic sets up the day's main event and left little question who was more fit for the fight. In it, we see Clinton laying in wait for (or, laying to waste?) the Secretary of Defense for shrugging off Iraqi. (According to reports, Rummy had initially said he was "too busy" to attend the session.)

Coming out swinging, Clinton took the opportunity to frame up her alternative to "cut-and-run." It might not be catchy, but get used to it, because she is going to exercise it as a one-two combination until nobody can stand (up to) it anymore.

Left jab: " . . . You are presiding over a failed policy."

Right jab: "Given your track record, why should we believe [anything you say anymore]?"

Dovetailing the photo, Newsday actually likened Clinton's performance to that of a prizefighter.

With Pace's face hanging out there, grim and defenseless; Rummy drawn to his corner; and Abizaid lost in his own head, these guys pale in contrast to that turquoise uniform, the Administration's Iraq defense suddenly looking pretty light facing the '08 heavyweight card.

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(image 1: Joshua Roberts/Reuters. August 3, 2006. Washington. Via YahooNews.)