07/20/2014 12:18 pm ET Updated Sep 19, 2014

5 Livestreams from the Hackers on Planet Earth Conference You Can Watch Now

Here's today's essential livesetream for anybody really interested in governmental and corporate, well, dominance, of our private lives, the use of technology to fight for human rights here and overseas, or net neutrality -- which to be certain, isn't merely about traffic speeds, it's about the idea that like humans, "All bytes are created equal" and when a company can shut down a site for donating to Wikileaks but you can still donate to the KKK via, say, PayPal (whatever your view of either), Net Neutrality is irrefutably already DEAD. Here's a link to the live-stream to the HOPE -- Hackers On Planet Earth conference's final day, happening now, in New York City. Here's to a Sunday well-spent, binge-streaming.

To watch the live feed which can be switched from three rooms: The Manning Room, The Serpico Room and The Oslen Room click HERE The Manning room is the default room; when you arrive there, you can click on the options above the video window to go to another panel.

Here's a select listing from today's twenty-five panels which might be of interest and can all be streamed live:

Teaching Electronic Privacy and Civil Liberties to Government 12PM

A look at the differences and commonalities twixt privacy rights advocates and well-meaning government employees who want to do their jobs faithfully whilst respecting the rights of their fellow citizens, to ensure that, as the program guide notes "privacy and civil liberties are as important to democracy as is security"

The Science of Surveillance, 1PM

A data-based examination of the limits placed on The NSA, measured against actual practices, measured against constitutional parameters.

Travel Hacking with The Telecom Informer 2PM

Starting from the premise that "If you think like a hacker, travel doesn't have to be expensive" this panel promises to teach you how to score "tickets for an around-the-world trip for under $219, and how you can also travel for little or nothing."

North Korea - Using Social Engineering and Concealed Electronic Devices to Gather Information in the World's Most Restrictive Nation 4PM

The title is self-explanatory

Self-Publishing Success 4PM

Again the title is self-explantory; many of us have become jaded about self-publishing and this panel expaining how to use existing platforms for fun and profit may give you some new ideas, and restore your faith in that book you've been meaning to write.

The schedule for today's panels, all of which can be live-streamed, can be found HERE