10/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Afghanistan Could Ruin Everything--Soon!

No, really, what are they going to do about Afghanistan?

And how much time do they have left to do it?

I figure a month. Summer's over, the Afghanistan election is coming to its fraudulent conclusion, the military has apparently just issued its bleakest report yet (still secret, but it will begin to leak out), and, shortly, there will be the inevitable request for ever-more troops.

The formal debate got underway yesterday, starting with the conservatives. George Will made the obvious case for getting the hell out of there; Bill Kristol accused him of being a lily-livered traitor.

If the conservatives are divided over this war, it's going to be murder among the Democrats. That's the real timetable, or ticking bomb: When do the Democrats, heretofore necessarily patient with the White House, blow?

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