01/03/2013 07:54 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2013

Face It: A Boomer's Resolutions

Tis that time again.

Like everyone, I have my personal goals, but ours is a generation that saw itself as bigger and better than that. We were about selfless, but damned if we didn't settle for selfish.'We were about change, but damned if we aren't reluctantly accepting the next and the new. We were proudly and loudly anti-war, but damned if that hasn't been replaced by anti-aging. Ah well, so much for the lofty stuff.

For myself, 2013 will be filled with challenges, and I would guess they resonate with fellow Boomers. For starters, I am determined to:

--Remember where I put my lists of things to Google.
--Play more music in my home.
- Figure out how to use the machine that plays music in my home.
--Look in the mirror without trepidation.
--Look in the mirror.
--Attach reading glasses to every inch of my being.
--Root for others to succeed.
--Stop comparing Judd Apatow to Billy Wilder.
--Realize no one has perfect children.
--Take a drug that is not prescribed.
--Learn the difference between good and bad cholesterol.
--Actually read -- let alone finish -- a Robert Caro book.
--Acquire as many friends as followers.
--Learn to like Lena Dunham.
--Continue to eat gluten without guilt.
--Refrain from proclaiming, "He's no Dylan or Simon."
--Accept that rejection doesn't necessarily mean they're right.
--Get through one skit on Saturday Night Live.
--Give my kids their allowance on Friday...and make them donate it on Monday.