01/23/2013 11:47 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2013

How to Propose on Super Bowl Sunday WITHOUT Missing the Game

You're probably wondering why you would even want to propose on Super Bowl Sunday. Since the Super Bowl is notorious for its many social gatherings, maybe you and your girlfriend met on game day years ago and you want to propose on the significant day. Perhaps you and your girlfriend are just plain crazy about your football team and a day like the Super Bowl is the perfect day for you to pop the question, especially if your team is Baltimore or San Francisco. Whatever your reasoning, if you decide that proposing on Super Bowl Sunday is the right day for you, I have some tips for how you can propose on game day without missing the game. Don't worry; I am not going to suggest you propose on the corny jumbo-tron. Below are some proposal ideas that you can simply work into the game and festivities.

Proposing at the Super Bowl

If you're lucky enough to have scored tickets to the actual game, then it's safe to say that your partner will not be suspecting you to propose here because it's the game of all games. The attention will be on everything on the field and not on your day-of proposal jitters.

During halftime, tell her that you want to grab some nachos or hot dogs. Instead, take her to an area where your friends are waiting. They hold up a big sign that says "It doesn't matter to me who wins this game, I have won the greatest prize there is. Will you Marry Me?" You propose.

Proposing Before the Super Bowl

Most likely, you are not going to the game, so if you want to propose on Super Bowl Sunday then you might want to consider a morning proposal so you don't miss the game. Wake her up with an amazing breakfast that you cooked for her yourself. Tell her you want to go for a nice morning walk so that you can spend some quality time with her before the game. As you go for your walk, people start handing your girlfriend her favorite flower. When you get to a pretty location, an a cappella group starts to serenade her with your song and you propose. See an a cappella proposal here.

If you propose before the game then you can use any kind of Super Bowl party as a way to announce your engagement and celebrate with friends.

Proposing At a Super Bowl Party

I don't really recommend proposing at a Super Bowl party but if you must, keep in mind it can be a little trickier because everyone's attention will be on the game. The best way to go about this is to get help from friends during a commercial break right after the half-time show. Sure you might miss a sexy M&M commercial but it is worth it for this.

Huddle your friends together in a group. You and your amazing guitar player friend huddle in the middle and once your girlfriend's attention is focused on the group, you and your friend emerge. He is playing romantic music and you are reciting a poem or song you wrote. You propose.

Proposing After the Super Bowl

If you're looking for a quiet and intimate proposal, then after the Super Bowl will be your best time. If this is your plan, limit your beer intake during the party because proposing while drunk is tacky. Once the Super Bowl parties are over, restaurants and other proposal venues will be empty so you will have your choice of location.

To propose after the game, have a limo waiting outside of the location where you watched the Super Bowl. The limo takes you to a restaurant where you enjoy a lovely dinner and then you are escorted into a private room. She is shocked when she opens the door and finds the room lit with hundreds of candles and decorated with flowers. You propose.

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