03/27/2012 12:04 pm ET Updated May 26, 2012

Why Peeta And Katniss From 'The Hunger Games' Should Get Engaged

Unless you are living under a rock, you have likely read "The Hunger Games," seen the movie, or at least heard of one of the two. "The Hunger Games" is a great story that focuses on surviving, but like any good story out there, it also focuses on love. As a Proposal Planner, I interview hundreds of men in my profession and I ask them why they feel that their relationship and the person they're with is the one. Despite how different each relationship is, nearly all men mention six things. And I saw these six things with Peeta and Katniss.

Overcame Adversity

Nearly all men that I work with mention some kind of adversity that he and his partner have overcome. Adversity brings people together. It creates a bond that no one else can understand. It is fair to say that Katniss and Peeta have shared more adversity than anyone will in their life. They fought as a team to keep each other alive, and that is a bond that cannot be broken.


As in real relationships, Katniss did not fully trust Peeta. She didn't know him well, and they had some unique circumstances to face. But over time, Katniss learned to trust Peeta and open herself up to him. Each man that I help to propose mentions a high degree of trust that he has with his partner. Trust is the foundation on which to build a relationship, and it is a critical thing to look for in a lifelong partner.

Patience and Understanding

Every relationship that survives requires patience and understanding. In any relationship, you can't jump to conclusions about your partner's intentions. You have to seek first to understand and then be understood. During my initial proposal planning interview with the client, men normally mention how patient and/or understanding their partner are. Katniss and Peeta will go the distance in these traits. You see, all throughout the movie Katniss felt betrayed by Peeta. He blindsided her by asking to not be trained with her, he joined the alliance that was trying to kill her, and he did a lot of things that Katniss thought were just ultimate acts of betrayal. But with patience and understanding, it became clear those acts that seemed like betrayal were actually Peeta's clever antics to keep Katniss alive.


Loyalty is always present in the relationships of couples I help plan proposal for. My clients constantly talk about how they know their partner would always be there for them and have their back. It is obvious that Peeta and Katniss know a thing or two about loyalty. They both cared for each other when they were sick or injured, they both had each other's back during the Hunger Games, and at the end of the movie. .. well I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it, but it became obvious that they would even die for each other if necessary.

Be a Better Person

Approximately 99 percent of my clients say that their partners make them want to be a better person. I almost feel like that is the "secret sauce" to a relationship: when you find someone that makes you want to be the best human being you can be. I think Peeta and Katniss do that for each other. They both pushed each other to fight and to be the best competitors they could be. They both pushed each other to help each other find out what they were made of, to dig deep, and to keep pushing.


The last and final thing that I sense when I interview clients is the ability to forgive. And let's face it, we all know how important that is in a relationship. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Katniss was able to forgive Peeta for what she thought was betrayal, put it behind her, and help nurse him to health and to victory.

Though Katnis and Peeta are fictional characters, the characteristics of their relationship that were displayed are the fundamental elements necessary for a lasting bond. These six traits make such a strong relationship and connection that, together, they all cannot be ignored and they will go a long way.

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